Fischbänke Bolzano

Creative, colourful and chaotic in the charming Italian way. This place – where words of wisdom literally hang from the ceiling – is perfect for drinking wine and eating bruschetta. Cobo, the proprietor and a real jack-of-all-trades, has many of his own stories to tell as well.


We take our time! – proclaims one of the colourful phrases that decorate the walls and ceiling of Cobo’s establishment located in Bolzano’s historic town centre. If guests feel they need any of the words of wisdom, they can simply take them home. As the name Fischbänke(engl. ‘fish benches’) suggests, this place has its roots in Bolzano’s old fish market. Today, this is where young and old get together to enjoy a good glass of wine and some of Cobo’s legendary bruschetta, which you absolutely must try.